Next Meeting

Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA, Aarhus, Denmark.

Thursday April 28th and Friday 29th 2022.

Program – may be adjusted

Thursday April 28th

08:30   Welcome with mutual presentation at AAA

09:30   Tour of the new school

10:30   NBAA session 1 – RECALIBRATE

12:00   LUNCH

13:00 NBAA session 1 continues – RECALIBRATE

14:30 Break

14:45   NBAA session 1 continues – RECALIBRATE

15:45   End of meeting program day 1

18:30 DINNER at Pihlkjær Restaurant, Mejlgade 28 Baghuset

Friday April 29th

08:30   Coffee / tea / light breakfast

09:30   NBAA member meeting – split rector/deans and coordinators

12:00   LUNCH

13:00 NBAA member meeting continues – split rector/deans and coordinators

14:00 Final remarks – end of meeting program day 2

14:30   Walking tour of Aarhus – tentative



Generation Z constitute the generation born between 1996 and 2015, and will be the generation we will meet in our institutions for the next 15 – 40 years not only in the BA and MA programs but also to a large extent our Ph.D-programs and as future colleagues.

One of the typical traits of this generation is the level to which they have been forced to perform. The dawn of social medias and the increased digital presence has increased the performance focus through an idealized reality, where only perfection is accepted and failures never demonstrated. More than ever, we see students suffering from levels of stress due to this, and to a degree unfamiliar to most of us.

The global interconnection makes trends travel faster than ever, and global trends which before was filtered through hierarchies, both cultural and educationally, emerge with an unprecedented force in our educational framework and perceived actuality by the students.

As institutions we are faced with demands of understanding the role of the students driven by not only academic profiles, but also gender considerations and preferences, specific pronouns and the demands for trigger-warnings in some instances. The line between identity, world-perception and academia seems to get more and more blurred.

With “Recalibration” we spend time investigating the Generation Z-specific traits; how the generation perceive itself, their background and especially their expectations to the education, the educational structure, and the professors and staff.

In “Recalibration” we have invited experts to guide us into this discussion through presentations, your participation and discussion. You will leave “Recalibration” with a knowledge of how Generation Z views the world, you will understand their expectations and give you a framework in which you can recalibrate the educational situation, in an effort to ensure your students thrive and are productive in a healthier way than today.