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Do you care about the Future of Wood? You can prove it by creating new nature friendly designs, digital apps and physical prototypes of low-impact products and buildings. Help us to make circular construction a reality! Win grants for further development of your idea.
The Future of Wood 2021 hackathon will take place on 26-28 November online and onsite in Väimela, southern Estonia. There are a number of awards for the best ideas and several challenges you can respond to. For example, Estonian Academy of Arts and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster invite everyone to hack the 369 Pattern Building system. Prices include development money for up to €10K.
The event is a hybrid event, and you can choose whether to participate virtually or physically.

Please read more about it here

If you are from one of the NBAA partner universities and have received a confirmation that you’re welcome to join physically, please fill in the mobility application. 
The application must be signed by yourself and the coordinator in your home university and sent as pdf file to NBAA coordinator, 

The grant – 400 EUR/Iceland 730 EUR – will be delivered to your personal account. Online participation is not supported by Nordplus, but your institution may apply for digital mobility grant for technical needs in order to support your participation (soft-and hardware purchased for your institution and rented out to you).
Online courses by Jüri Soolep (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Everyone can use and access:
Norpdplus intensive course workshop series I:
Mass-custom Housing

A 5-day workshop for developing mass-customised house types. Mass customised houses are modular, made in factories, and highly efficient to produce, yet can be customised by it’s inhabitants and localised to the context of the site.

The workshop is organised by the Faculty of Architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts in collaboration with Harmet Modular Houses, Welement and Creatomus Solutions.

The workshop is aimed both for students (from BA II onwards) and tutors in architecture, design and engineering. Students will be awarded 2 ECTS credits at the successful completion of the workshop.

The workshop is led by Renee Puusepp (PhD) and supported by prefab specialists, engineers and product architects.

More information and application form here.
Application deadline: January 31, 2020


Conversation at Blönduós
Iceland University of the Arts
Teacher: Birta Fróðadóttir
Number of available places:1-2
Ects: 2
Level: BA (MA students are welcome to apply also)
Location: Reykjavik and Blönduós
Teaching period: January 6 – 17, 2020


Recently, the Icelandic Textile Residency and the Knowledge Centre in Blönduós were joined at the Icelandic Textile Centre in the old Women School on the banks of the river Blanda. In this course, students travel to Blönduós and stay in the Women’s School for five days while working on ideas for the environment and the current school facilities. The school facilities are comprised of the old Women School building from 1912, a set of detached houses and a long stretch of sheds.

How can spaces be rethought and better used? How can the activities taking place there, be projected into the community in Blönduós? Students work in pairs, developing suggestions for the rethinking of spaces on the one hand and connecting the activities with the municipality on the other, before presenting their suggestions to both the administrators of the intuition as well as the people in the community.

In the second week students process and collect the suggestions at the IUA in Þverholt. This course is open to students from all departments of the University of the Arts. The project springs from an actual request from the Icelandic Textile Centre and their wish is for the suggestions to instigate a discussion about innovation and future development of the institution.

Arrangement: Stay in Blönduós for four nights from January 6-10. The Icelandic Textile Centre offers free accommodation with a shared kitchen. Students make their own travel arrangements, there and back again, either in private cars or with Strætó, the bus service. Express students must book and pay for their accommodation in Reykjavík (1st night upon arrival and last night before departure).

Rendezvous in the Women School in Blönduós on Monday, January 6 at 13.00.

How to apply

Please submit your application and motivation statement no later than 24th November 2019.

Click here to enter the online application.

When you have been notified of a successful application, please fill in the NBAA mobility form and forward it as described here.
You’re entitled for a grant of 730 EUR through Nordplus.