Next NBAA member meeting will be in Oulu.

We are happy to announce that the Head of Oulu School of Architecture, Janne Pihlajaniemi, would like to invite all NBAA members to Oulu in Finland on Thursday November 17th and Friday November 18th!  He also wants to point out that the 10th annual Lumo Light Festival is organised from November 18th to November 20th, so there will also be an opportunity to join in on this event during the visit.

Please note that the program will be presented later.

New Rector and Vice Rector for the NBAA

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen was elected as the new rector for the NBAA in the member meeting at the Aarhus School of Architecture on Friday April 29th.  Jakob is the Dean of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy.  He is following Ole Gustavsen, rector at the Oslo School of Architecture, who has been NBAA rector since 2015.

In the same meeting Jūratė Kamičaitytė, Head of Architecture study programs at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Kaunas University of Technology was elected as the new vice rector for the NBAA.  She is following Ugis Bratuskins, Dean at the Faculty of Architecture at the Riga Technical University, who has been NBAA vice rector since 2013.

NBAA meeting in Aarhus April 28th and 29th

Please find the preliminary program for the NBAA member meeting at the Aarhus School og Architecture and note that the theme for the meeting is RECALIBRATE.

Please also use the “Registration” under Next Meeting and do so before April 21st.

We are looking forward to see you all in person for the first time after two years of pandemic.

Support for our colleagues and students in Ukraine.

The NBAA network of 19 Nordic and Baltic schools of architecture stands together with educators, scholars and students – and with all the people in Ukraine.  We stand for freedom, for sovereignty, for peace.  We stand against violence and aggression. We are profoundly condemning the brutal, senseless war and shocking invasion of Ukraine.  Independent Ukraine is not a threat to any country.  President Putin’s refusal to accept this country’s right to freedom and self-determination has had devastating consequences not for just one democratic country, but attacks the values of individual freedom in the democratic world at large.  It attacks the people in favour of democracy in his own country.  We are against the terroristic violence, which destroys the freedom and possibility of building a hopeful future for both the Ukrainian and Russian people.  We are against the tragic violence, which destroys the freedom of building a hopeful future for both the Ukrainian and Russian people.  

We stand for unwavering support and solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues.  And at this darkest moment, we also stand for our Russian colleagues who are refused their free future as well.

Next NBAA Member meeting

Please note that the next NBAA Member meeting on Thursday October 28th and Friday 29th 2021 at the Bergen School of Architecture in Bergen and not at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus.  The meeting at BAS will be a physical meeting if the C19 restrictions allow for it and we will arrange for an online option for some of the program.

If the C19 restrictions do not allow for a physical meeting there will be an online meeting on Friday October 29th at 12:00 to 14:30.

The NBAA Member meeting next spring in April 2022 will be at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus.