NBAA/Nordplus Intensive course

Norpdplus intensive course workshop series I:
Mass-custom Housing

A 5-day workshop for developing mass-customised house types. Mass customised houses are modular, made in factories, and highly efficient to produce, yet can be customised by it’s inhabitants and localised to the context of the site.

The workshop is organised by the Faculty of Architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts in collaboration with Harmet Modular Houses, Welement and Creatomus Solutions.

The workshop is aimed both for students (from BA II onwards) and tutors in architecture, design and engineering. Students will be awarded 2 ECTS credits at the successful completion of the workshop.

The workshop is led by Renee Puusepp (PhD) and supported by prefab specialists, engineers and product architects.

More information and application form here.
Application deadline: January 31, 2020